Raising Your Vibration for Spiritual Growth

Raising our vibration is KEY to spiritual growth and spiritual communication - the higher we vibrate, the closer we become to our Higher Self and Guides, making it easier to hear them! And if you’ve watched EP4 of the Sol Mana Series, you’ll now know why Raising Our Vibration is crucial right now. Below are some tips on how to be spiritually, mentally and physically strong - high vibrational!

Meditate - meditation is a broad term and there are many different reasons why one meditates. For me, I meditate for many reasons: to connect with my Guides, to find answers, to ground and center myself, to empty my mind and reset, and to do energy work aka “Lightwarrior Work” (lol).

Breathwork - is an extremely important practice for removing physical ailments and blockages from the body, as well as spiritually blocks as well. There is a lot of deep healing that comes from breathwork. And an added bonus, breathwork also strengthens the lungs and heart center, which makes it easier to freedive and snorkel (my favourite form of non-traditional meditation).

Binaural beats - listen to binaural beats during meditation, breathwork, after a work out or before sleep. This will help increase your dreams, visions as well as healing.

Eat Clean - eat organic plant-based wholefoods with plenty of raw fruit, which is the highest vibrational food on Earth. Drink live spring water or filter your tap water, especially if it is fluoridated. Ditch dead foods, as dead foods are low and zero vibration.

Get plenty of Sun - not only does the Sun cleanse us and give us vital nutrients, the Sun is how lifeforce streams to us on Earth - high lifeforce = high vibrational. Our bodies also release a protein called, “GCMaF.” This protein helps our bodies fight viruses and even cancer! But be Sun smart. If you haven’t spent a lot of time in the Sun before, build your time up slowly. And don’t spend hours outside during the middle of the day during Summer without covering up. I use olive oil as a sunscreen and I only apply it if I’m going to be outdoors when it’s Summer. I also take a beach umbrella to the beach when it’s too hot as well. Swap sunglasses for a hat. When we wear sunglasses, they block our eyes which tells our brain that we’re indoors - this makes it easier to get burnt. Getting sunlight into our eyes (upon dusk is best) by sungazing is also recommended, as It feeds the pineal gland with Sun energy.

Get in the ocean and in nature - the ocean is full of cleansing and healing salts, particularly magnesium. It’s also spiritually healing and cleansing as well. On top of that, water holds memory - like trees, water is alive, some people call these Beings, Water Elementals, others call them the Great Spirits, or Water Spirits, or even a Water God (known by various names, such as Tangaroa). Call them what resonates with you the most. When you truly connect to them, they will show you memories that the water holds. Trees, particularly ferns, left off probiotics which we inhale when in nature. And walk barefooted on the Earth and utilize Mama Earth’s free electrons. This is also a wonderful way to connect with her as well.

Exercise regularly - many of you will already have a regular regime. If you don’t, it doesn’t have to be strenuous. Go for a walk or a snorkel, do tai chi or light yoga etc. Anything that increases our physical health, raises our vibration.

Watch your thoughts and actions - complaining and gossiping lowers our vibration. Responding with anger and hatred also lowers our vibration. Replace trashy gossip/celebrity magazines with inspiring books, podcasts, or vodcasts (like Sol Mana!). And limit the amount of time spent watching TV, also being mindful of what you watch. There isn’t anything wrong with anger - sometimes anger serves a purpose. It becomes an issue when it’s being held on too.

Laugh - as Spiritual Warriors, as Light Warriors, we spend a lot of time in the heaviness. It’s absolutely crucial to take a break and laugh and have fun! Go and do whatever it is that makes you laugh and have fun - you deserve it!

Fear and anger: both emotions weaken our immune system and lowers our vibration. Work on forgiving who has wronged you - remember, forgiveness is for you, not the other person. There is a saying, “Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” If you are experiencing sadness or grief and need help, please find a healer to help you.

Practice gratitude and be happy - gratitude, joy and happiness are the highest vibrational feelings. If you’re finding it hard to be happy, find the small things in life that bring you the most joy and concentrate on that. And if you need help, ask!

Listen to music that makes you feel good! Bass-y electronic music is a form of sound healing - the bassier the better! Bass-y beats penetrate the heart-center and helps clear any blockages, so if electronic is up your alley, put some on and bust a move!

Spend time with animals - animals are so much more than meets the eye. Not only are they amongst some of the highest vibrational Beings on Earth, animals are also healers. Just having them around helps raise our vibration, but also, for many animals especially dogs, they take on what we can’t. For example, many dogs take on their owner’s cancer. It’s only when the dog can not take anymore, that the dog passes away and then the owner gets cancer. If you do have animals, one of the best things we can do for them, is to look after ourselves so they don’t have to take anything on for us.

Detox and work on your health - detox your body, regularly. If you haven’t done a detox yet, do one ASAP. Water fasts and juice fasts have the most impact, but you can take it slowly. Start by switching to wholefood plant-based, as well as taking detoxifying herbs and have regular saunas. If available to you, try lymphatic drainage (which is a non-evasive yet powerful way to detox and pump the lymphatic system). Try alternating showers as well - cold water has incredible healing benefits.

Detoxing isn’t easy and cold/flu symptoms will appear - but it doesn’t last long. This is because the body is releasing stored toxins from the body, to then excrete. If you’re interested in water or juice fasting, I recommend checking out Tyler Tolman. The majority of people have parasites and candida overgrowth, so it’s important to do a detox and heal your gut - which in turn, strengthens the immune system and raises our vibration.

Helping and donating - whether your time, financially or in kind, helping others with pure intentions raises our vibration.

Grounding - grounding is super important for spiritual growth and spiritual communication. When we aren't grounded, the messages that we receive will be distorted and we tend to 'live from the head' too much. Do grounding meditations regularly. My favourite practice is to stand in the Sun with the Sun on my face, close my eyes, then I visualise golden Sun energy streaming down from the Sun, down through my body, through the soles of my feet, and into the Earth.

Household toxins - unfortunately toxins are in our everyday life, not only in food, but in homewares, cosmetics, household cleaners, in non-organic clothing and furniture, in the water that we shower and bathe in - even in candles, perfumes, and EMFs from wifi and all electrical devices/goods in our homes. If you have a radiation meter, test it out. While all EMFs emitted from fridges etc is only harmful if we continually touch the fridge over long periods of time; what you will notice is that if you turn a powerpoint on, that entire wall emits EMFs. If you turn a powerpoint on near the kitchen bench, then the entire bench begins to emit EMFs as well. This is the reason why my family and I never use the powerpoints along the kitchen bench. And we never charge our phones, next to the bed while we’re sleeping. If you use a wireless modem, turn it off when not in use, especially overnight. However, EMFs from neighbouring wireless modems still get into our homes. I personally use a Somavedic Device (the Medic Green Ultra) - it mitigates the harmful effects of EMFs, as well as much more. You can read about them here. Use discount code PLANTFEDMAMA for 10% off.

Limit alcohol consumption - while there are healthier alternatives, such as organic, biodynamic and preservative-free alcoholic drinks on the market now, many bottles of booze still carry low vibration energies and entities (as spoken about in EP4). I know how much a drink can take the edge off and is also a form of socialising, so this is what I recommend: work on your clearing/cleansing spiritual gifts then you can clear every bottle of alcohol before you drink it. Otherwise, find a clean non-alcoholic wine or beer.

Drugs - as you know, drugs come in many forms, from prescription and pharmaceutical to plants. If you’re dependant on pharmaceuticals, work on healing yourself, resetting your immune system (water fasting is the most powerful way to do that!) and slowly switch the drugs for herbs (under practitioner advice). If you’re considering ayacuasca or any psychoactive drug, hear this first. These “drugs” are fantastic if you’re already in a good place, mentally and spiritually - vibing high. However, if you are in a bad place, mentally and spiritually, it will negatively impact your experience. This is because, like kundalini, these methods attract and are in tune with our vibration. If we are vibing high, then we access higher realms and experiences. But if we’re low vibing, then we access lower vibrational realms and have a low vibe/darker/heavier experience.

Set spiritual boundaries and practices - it’s poor spiritual hygiene to let everyone have access to you, and to let anyone into your sacred and personal space. Be mindful about who you allow in your close circle and who you let into your home. Every person that enters our home - which should be our sacred space - leaves behind their energetic footprints. This is completely fine if our visitors are genuinely good people, but not so much, if they’re not. Cleanse your space regularly, and set clear boundaries so not to drain yourself, and keep out anyone that demands more from you than what you can give. Remember, we can’t pour from an empty cup. Keep your physical space clean and clutter free as clutter traps stale energy. And get into a daily practice of speaking to and sending gratitude to your Guides. Upon waking, I thank Creator, Mama Earth, Father Sun, Mama Nature, Animals, Insects, Trees, Plants and my Guides - for without them, we would not be alive here, right now. I also set intentions for everything that I want to do that day.

There are many ways to raise your vibration and it mostly comes down to being happy and grateful, acting from love, and keeping a clear and clean space - physical, mental and spiritual health are all connected, look after all three.